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Educational Workshops & Curriculum Design


In partnership with Cabrillo College Extension, I offer pre-packaged educational programs as well as pre-designed individual courses for your professional and leadership development needs.  I also provide custom contract education in which we will design a program or course specifically for your organization.  Employees will feel valued and their performance will enhance when you invest in their professional future.

Supervisory Academy 12 Week Program

Register for classes: Summer Supervisory Academy - Cabrillo College Extension


Being a supervisor presents numerous challenges and opportunities! You are expected to meet organizational goals through people and in today’s new work environment, we need to build resilience and flexibility to adapt to uncertainty and constant change.   


The Cabrillo College Supervisory Academy is a 12-week program designed to help you develop your skills and become a better supervisor.  Supervisors may manage employees in person or remotely, therefore, better people management and clear communication are the essential skills we focus on.   Through each course, you will learn the tools, tips, techniques that will bring success in your interactions and build trust in your relationships. 

Each course is designed to stand on its own and be of value. However, attending the entire 12-week program provides depth on a variety of topics that come together to provide a holistic strategy and process to the supervisory experience.

In our weekly meetings, you will learn:

  • Skills that will make you better prepared, organized, and fulfilled by your role

  • Self awareness and strategies to manage situations and people

  • Stress and conflict management

  • Effective communication to create a culture of trust and high performance

  • Motivational factors of individual employees and the collective team

  • Optimization of time management, team performance, and results

  • Coaching techniques to maximize individual potential

Learn more and register for classes:  Supervisory Academy - Cabrillo College Extension

"We did not have a comprehensive supervisory training available to our employees. Our goal is to give our employees the opportunity to learn new skills to be able to promote within the organization. We received great feedback from our employees that took the Supervisory Academy training. They feel that they gain knowledge that can be used in their jobs right away.  Jennifer is phenomenal to work with, she was knowledgeable, interactive with our employees and she brought real examples.”


Monik Delfin, Human Resources Deputy Director, Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District

Leadership Academy 12 week Program

We believe that leadership can be taught and that purposeful, values-driven leaders are the backbone of healthy organizations. Further, we believe that healthy organizations contribute significantly to the quality of life of all who they touch. From the individual, to the community, to the world – great leaders organize and motivate others to access their unique creative abilities. They set the stage to inspire a shared vision of positive change and a remarkable life experience.

In the Leadership Academy, we strive to give leaders, from a variety of backgrounds and multiple industries, a foundation of strong leadership skills and habits.  We work with leaders to grow and evolve according to the path that they independently establish using current research and proven methods as our guides.  Ultimately, this Academy is about gathering the information from yourself and others to help you decide where you want to go individually and collectively. The Leadership Academy provides the process, the structure, and the tools to cultivate a positive impact, one step at a time.

Core Competencies

  • Develop emotional intelligence

      - acting with integrity, listening with curiosity, building a culture of trust and support

  • Create high performance people and teams

      - inspires others, cultivates healthy conflict, sets goals to achieve desired results

  • Organizational Acumen

      - understands organization’s vision, values and goals, market trends, competitive advantages, and a global perspective

  • Operational Excellence

      - process and policy comprehension, problem solving, prioritization, time management and expertise development

  • Empowered Communication and Action

      - promotes collaboration and DEIA- diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility

Learn more and register for classes: Leadership Academy - Cabrillo College Extension

“My leadership team and I attended the Supervisor Academy and the Leadership Academy at Cabrillo. It was my goal that we would develop our leadership skills, enhance our communication, and build robust resources for moving forward.  The container created by Jennifer was so supportive and constructive.. The structures we created to enhance communication and invest in this has been very valuable.  Jennifer brings a wealth of information and is very humble. She has compassion and is organized to keep the flow going while soliciting input/feedback from participants.  We all individually (and collectively) received so much from the program.”

Lisa Hindman Holbert, Program Director, Child Development Division, Community Bridges

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