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Organizational Consulting, Meeting Facilitation & Conflict Resolution Services


At times, we need to have crucial conversations within our organizations to make decisions and to solve challenges.  These valuable conversations need all hands on deck to be present and engaged. They also need an objective third party to guide the conversation in a professional manner so all voices can be heard and coalesced.  With an experienced consultant and facilitator your team’s shared vision will become crystal clear.

What is the Ultimate Workplace?

The ultimate workplace… is a place where we get results. It's a healthy, productive place where people bring their "A-game" to work and stretch themselves to be better team players each day. It's a place where trust is strong and leaders live and reinforce clear values while setting clear direction and standards. People are balanced. They give their best and they learn and grow through their challenges and relationships at work. Office politics are minimal or non-existent, and the momentum toward shared goals is visible, tangible and exciting!  Yes, this is possible.  I am passionate about helping you create your best possible workplace. Jennifer is an experienced professional who can help you transform your workplace into a healthy, productive, and invigorating experience. I can…

  • Assess your workplace to develop an unbiased description of your organizational culture today, and how it is impacting your operations.

  • Help you clarify and articulate your vision of a healthy workplace and the values that will help you succeed.

  • Facilitate meetings and provide mediation services for substantial conflicts.

  • Map the specific skills and competencies your leaders, managers and staff need to improve performance.

  • Build customized courses for every layer in the organization to ensure that everyone has the right skills for the job.

  • Deliver training at your site and according to your schedule.

  • Ensure the transfer of skills back to work with coaching, support, and follow-up programs.

  • Evaluate the impact of our programs on your bottom line.

Schedule a complimentary consultation at  Link to scheduling system for a complimentary consultation; or call 831-888-6927, email:

“Working with Jennifer has been an amazing experience! For the past 4 years she has provided a tremendous benefit to our program and the Santa Cruz County community we represent. Her wide-ranging knowledge, skills and abilities has helped dozens of local employers, including Cabrillo College, get highly effective training and education for our current and future leadership teams.” 


Scott Johnson, Director of Community and Contract Education, Cabrillo College Extension

Conflict Resolution and Meeting Facilitation

Money, time, and employee retention and engagement are consistently on the line in organizational life. When the stakes are high, so is the tension.  We need to make smart and fast decisions.  We need to solve the root cause of our problems so we are not draining resources on the same issues.  These are the challenges we face in our everyday organizational conversations. These are the moments that your leaders need to be a part of the conversation instead of managing the conversation.  


Effective conflict and trust are foundational to successful organizational results.  As a fellow employee, it is difficult to remain neutral in your perspective and interpretation of facts.  Most people are not sufficiently trained to manage conflict and emotionally charged conversations.  This often impacts the productivity and efficiency within our meeting time and increases the level of tension and challenges instead of reduces them. 


I am a highly trained conflict resolution and meeting facilitator who can support the high stake conversations within your organization. Benefits to hiring a third party facilitator include:


  • An objective facilitator who has a clear frame of reference to manage the conversation.

  • Mediation experience to support high levels of tension, conflict and emotion.

  • A communication specialist who knows what questions to ask, when to intervene and when to let the conversation unfold organically.

  • Organizational skill to ensure needs, goals, objectives, expectations, opinions, and committed action steps are discussed and noted for follow-up.

  • Impartial and unbiased recommendations provided by a professional consultant.


Support your essential conversations with a highly skilled and trained facilitation professional.


Schedule a complimentary consultation at  Link to scheduling system for a complimentary consultation; or call 831-888-6927, email:

“We hired Jennifer to try to build better communication skills between our team within the Chemistry Department at Cabrillo College - specifically between the full time faculty and the lab technicians.  We had some specific goals, regarding implementing safety procedures, and the ability to have productive conversations within the department.  We came to two separate agreements involving safety of students.  Jennifer was able to keep us moving and remind us of when we were actually making progress, even when things were tense.  I think everyone in the group felt like we made serious progress, and there is a way forward for the department.”


Dave Reynolds, Dean, Natural and Applied Sciences Division, Cabrillo College

Organizations I Have Worked With

Fortune 500 Companies and Large Corporations


Google Ventures





Fidelity Investments

EF Education

Bay Federal Credit Union


The Seaside Company

Non-profits, Government Agencies, and Small Business

United Way

City of Santa Cruz

California Certified Organic Farmers

Santa Cruz Public Libraries

Pajaro Valley Loaves and Fishes

Santa Cruz Metro

Community Bridges

City of Santa Cruz


Community Action Board


Second Harvest Food Bank

Steeped Coffee

Salud Para La Gente

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