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  • Jennifer Mount

Leadership is NOT what you’ve been led to believe

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

You became a leader because you have a BIG VISION to bring into the world, and you gathered a team to make it happen. They all agreed to go on the journey with you, yet instead of leading your team to success, you feel like a micromanager that can’t seem to get anything done. Even when you deliver constructive feedback, your team members seem to get MORE negative and get LESS done. Sound familiar?

The truth is, you’re the ONLY ONE who can bring your team together, and they’re relying on you to communicate effectively so they know EXACTLY what to do. When you have tough conversations and your team gets defensive, remember: it’s not them… IT’S YOU.

And you’re not alone.

You can become the credible resource people can talk to is a skill anyone can learn. You can learn through massive failure and loss, or you can find a mentor who will train you to communicate in a way that leaves you team feeling heard, valued, and inspired. Which would you prefer?

Have you been frustrated with employees who;

  • Lack motivation

  • Have negative attitudes

  • Perform poorly

  • Miss deadlines

  • Cause conflict

  • Don’t participate in meetings

  • Aren’t a team player

  • Stay in their comfort zone

  • Do the bare minimum

Schedule a consultation today.

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