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Professional and Leadership Development Education & Consulting

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Become the Leader Your Team Can Trust

3 Simples Questions to Engage your Team

As the leader of a team, your primary responsibility is to motivate your people to engage. Motivating others can be a challenge if there is a lack of trust in the relationship, the tasks are not of interest, or the team is overwhelmed with other priorities. It is essential to identify the current needs of your individual employees and your team as well as to identify your needs as the team leader. Discovering ways to satisfy these different needs provide access to a key source of motivation and engagement. As needs are recognized and understood within the big picture of what you are trying to achieve as individuals, as a team, or as an organization, you as the leader are able offer the proper support which in turn encourages your people to engage.

Learn to motivate

and grow your team

Most leaders struggle to build effective teams that get work done on time. At JMC we’ll show you how to motivate your team with a simple communication process that creates a happy, healthy work environment where everyone can thrive.


Educational Workshops & Curriculum Design

  • Professional and leadership development

  • Pre-packaged educational programs

  • Pre-designed individual courses

  • Custom programs 

Organizational Consulting, Meeting Facilitation & Conflict Resolution Services

  • Solving organizational challenges

  • Getting your team present and engaged

  • Objective third party guidance

  • All voices heard and coalesced

  • A crystal clear shared vision

1:1 & Group Coaching

  • Professional and leadership development

  • Addressing needs & challenges

  • Setting goals & timelines

  • Develop the best path for your team


About Jennifer Mount

I am a globally experienced leadership development consultant, coach, and educator. My purpose revealed itself early as I had a tenacious passion for learning about the attributes, skills, and motivations behind great leaders. I started to recognize my own leadership qualities when I formulated a plan to move to San Francisco from Boston. My vision included working for a company that would transfer me and support my desire to attend business school. I was 22 at the time working for the nonprofit United Way. Within 3 years, my vision came to fruition. I was hired by Fidelity Investments in Boston and subsequently received a promotion for a job based in San Francisco. This was followed by my admittance to the MBA program at the University of San Francisco. One of my many learning experiences through this stage in my career was how to create a shared team vision. 

It takes many wonderful and supportive people to pull off big dreams! The education, expertise, and experience I have gained in my 20 years of practice has come from the incredible people from around the world who have mentored me, taken classes with me, and have partnered with me on many professional and personal endeavors. The greatest takeaway from my relationships and the leaders I have observed is that trust, positive communication, and collaboration are foundational to success. I have taken this wisdom and shared it with global Fortune 500 companies and now within my local community here in Santa Cruz County, California.

My current vision is to unite the leaders and citizens of Santa Cruz County toward the design of our region's inspiring future. I envision conscious controversy, equitable empowerment, and delightful diversity in this enriching landscape. So far, the progress of this vision has been nothing short of EXTRAORDINARY!

I appreciate you sharing a few moments with me. I know that in the small time you have taken to read this biography, I have been given a gift.

Become the Leader You Were Meant to Be

Empower Your People

  1. Let’s create a development strategy together.

  2. We will create a custom employee development plan.

  3. Watch your employees become inspired and grow.

  4. Watch your employees bring your organizational vision to life.

How it Works

Step 1) Schedule a complimentary consultation to analyze your leadership. Step 2) Design and develop the leadership strategy that’s right FOR YOU. Step 3) Learn new leadership skills in a workshop environment AND receive support as you implement what you learn. Step 4) Evaluate your results so you can make any necessary changes to become the best leader you can be with an amazing team to support you. Now, click the button below and schedule your complimentary consultation today so you can stop wasting your time, energy, and money and become the confident leader your team is excited to follow.

Schedule a Consultation

We will learn about your organization’s vision and design an employee development plan that brings that vision to life.

Customize or Register for a Workshop

Experience a Complimentary Coaching Session

We offer a variety of customizable workshops that provide essential professional and leadership development education.

Developing new skills takes practical application.  We will talk about your goals and current challenges in order to implement an action plan to build your skill level and achieve your goals.

Reach Your Goals

Book a Consultation

Free Consultation


“Working with Jennifer has been an amazing experience! For the past 4 years she has provided a tremendous benefit to our program and the Santa Cruz County community we represent. Her wide ranging knowledge, skills and abilities has helped dozens of local employers, including Cabrillo College, get highly effective training for our current and future leadership teams.” 

Scott Johnson

Director of Community and Contract Education

Cabrillo College Extension

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